Reaccions de les espècies radicalàries carregades en \i clusters\i0 amb enllaços d'hidrogen i en processos de transferència elecònica disociativa

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This project complements two other projects which benefit from EC grants. The first project attempts to get a deeper insight into the solvent specific effects in chemical reactions. The second project, in turn, studies the solvent non-specific effects. Both studies deal with charged radical species. The goal of its first part is to interprete and predict experimental results obtained by means of an adiabatic expansion in free jets analyzed through laser spectroscopy (KEMPI). The purpose of its second part is to understand the relationship between the electron transfer and the bond breaking from a mechanistic-reactivity basis. Special attention will be focused on the systems H"sub2"C=0.nH"sub2"O and R-X in the first and second parts of the present project, respectively. The methodology will use quantum mechanics together with different kinetic theories in the first study. The second study
Effective start/end date4/10/904/10/93


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