Racisme o integració dels estrangers a Espanya.

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This piece of research deals with the problem of racism, as a set ofattitudes and behaviour conditioned by prejudice and minoritysituation, as well as the process of integration regarded as theinterpenetration of cultural elements and interchange of humanresources, of foreign immigrants coming from the Third Worldcountries and Portugal in some areas from Spain (Prov. of Pontevedra,Oviedo, Madrid, Barcelona, Lérida and the towns of Madrid andBarcelona). Labour problems as well as cultural, social and politicalproblems and conflicts are analyzed. The methods are survey anddiscussion groups, apart from the content analysis of the discourseof social agents in contact with foreign immigrants. We analyzedifferent types of foreigners according to their level of studies,taken as the control variable, and occupation. We try to prove theexistence of racist and xenofobic attitudes and behaviour of
Effective start/end date29/10/9029/10/92


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