Strategic Partnerships in response of the COVID-19 situation

  • Ion , Georgeta (Principal Investigator)
  • Mercader Juan, Cristina (Investigator)
  • Barrera Corominas, Aleix (Project Manager)
  • Bermúdez Ruiz, Adrian (Collaborator)
  • ALGUACIL MIR, LAIA (Investigator)
  • Guerrero Carbadillo, Andrea (Collaborator)
  • Valle i Cañada, Antoni (Collaborator)
  • Cejudo Lavador, Desiré (Collaborator)

Project Details


The Covid -19 pandemic is challenging not only our everyday life and interaction but systemic processes and strategies such as the ones related to the health sector or education. And these challenges have a long term impact and will reflect in a more profound change in the way education and training will look like and the necessary abilities and competencies necessary for education and training providers. Quality Essential Skills for Teachers in Online Learning (QUEST) is a 24 months strategic partnership project developed by an NGO (Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation, an instructional design company (Newschool - from Norway, an university (Autonomous University of Barcelona - based inSpain, a serious games company (Succubus Interactive -, from France, and one college (Nicolae Grigorescu National College) from Romania.5 partners from 4 countries propose a project aiming at improving the competencies of mainstream teachers from primary and secondary educational levels in using digital learning in education.The project has the following objectives:O1.: Development in an academic and collaborative way of 5 e-learning modules tackling essential competencies for quality online learning (online presence, interaction & dialogue, gamification, instructional design, feedback & assessment).O2.: Creation of an European network of teachers’ trainers for online learning composed of 18 teachers that participate in an advanced TOT composed of 10 training days, feedback loops with end users (students and teachers at local level) and delivery of thematic webinars.O3.: Increasing the competencies of over 2,450 teachers in order for them to deliver higher quality online classes tackling attractivity, interactivity and academic progress of students.The management framework of the project consists of 7 activities, 4 consortium meetings, monitoring and evaluation actions and a consistent communication and dissemination component. This framework will ensure the selection of 18 teachers which will participate in an intensive TOT consisting of 2 5-days modules: Module 1 - “Building self-confident trainers for online communication” and Module 2 - “Gamification and instructional design for online learning processes”, and will implement 2 feedback loops with students and teachers in order for them to give feedback on the e-learning modules to be developed within the project. The 18 trainees, constituting the QUEST network, will support the project team in co-creation, piloting and implementation of 5 high quality Intellectual Outputs in the form of MOOCs containing essential skills of online teaching, which will be made widely available for teachers in the 4 countries and beyond. By the end of the project, 5 Intellectual Outputs will be finalized (in English and the 4 languages of the project - French, Spanish, Norwegian, Romanian) and will be disseminated in the form of freely accessible e-learning courses:IO1 - E-learning “Building Self-confidence for online communication”IO2 - E-learning “Managing online interactive classrooms”IO3 - E-learning “Gamifying the online classroom”IO4 - E-learning “Instructional design for online learning”IO5 - E-learning “Students’ evaluation & feedback in the online environment”The main quality of the 5 IOs is that they approach top priority subjects for raising quality in the online teaching, and, after the end of the project, will be available as a fundamental skills MOOC, but also as stand-alone modules, so that teachers can pick the most needed, if they do not want to get through all the programme.An e-learning platform will host the 5 e-learning modules, and through the dissemination activities of the project (9 webinars, 4 national multiplier events and a complex Communicationand Dissemination plan) the QUEST e-learning will reach minimum 10,000 teachers.The project has been designed as a response to the training and digital learning needs of teachers from the 4 partners countries and reflects the interest and strategic approach towards innovation, high-quality learning content development of the consortium partners and to their strategic partnership objectives within the Erasmus plus program.
Short titleQUEST
Effective start/end date1/04/2131/05/23

Collaborative partners

  • Fundatia Romanian Angel Appeal- Apelul Ingerului Roman (lead)
  • Newschool – NGO Norway
  • Succubus Interactive Sarl
  • Nicolae Grigorescu National College
  • Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)
  • Newschool – NGO Norway


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