Purificació i clonatge de l'amino oxidasa sensible a la semicarba Da (SSAO) d'aorta i plasma humà

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Mammalian semicarbazide-sensitive amine oxidase activities (SSAO) are found in to two forms: bounded to cellular and microsomal membranes from different tissues, and as a soluble protein circulating in plasma. In spite of achivements obtained on the study of bovine isoenzymes during the last ten years, there is no evidence about the tissue thar releases the plasma enzyme. In the other hand, few are the reports about the human enzyme, and from those it can be deduced significatives differences on kinetics of human and bovine SSAOs. This, together with the fact several studies showed an increase of SSAO activity in some diseases (diabetes, congestive heart failure, stress...) makes necessary, under our point of view, to obtain the primary structure of human SSAOs. This project pretends, by first time, to obtain pure and homogeneous preparations of SSAO from human aorta and serum. For this purpose, our group takes in account and long experience in the study of amine oxidase enzymes. Reaching such an objective, it will allow to determine the primary structure of human SSAOs and, finally, to determine which is the tissue from which the plasma enzyme is released.
Effective start/end date1/10/981/10/99


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