Psicobiologia de l'alcoholisme i diferencies individuals en rates

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    Our aim is to study a chronic and oral animal model of alcoholism in rats using the progressive increase of ethanol concentration and the disminution of sucrose in the dissolution. Using this model, it will be analysed the tolerance level to the alcohol depressing effects and the dependence one (abstinence symptoms). Also it will be studied the relationship between the alcohol intake and the prior individual differences (measured by means of psychomotor, anxiety, activity and emotional-reactivity tests). Finally, it will be studied the acetilcholine role in the model (atropine, physostigmine and neoestigmine administration). Along the study, rats brains will be removed and the septo-hippocampal system will be studied by means of plano-morphometry procedures
    Effective start/end date1/04/9131/03/92


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