Psicobiologia de l'adicció alcohòlica en rates

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    Our aim is to analyze in male rats a "chronic" and "oral model of alcoholism", that achieves "toxic" doses, based in the progressive substitution of glucose for ethanol in the dissolution. The "tolerance" and "dependence" level will be also studied. We also hypothetize the disruption of the "inhibition" capability (change ofactive to passive evitation) as a result of the chronic intake of the drug. We also will study the relation between the "preference" for the drug and the "individual differences". The alcoholemia and the "thyroidal hormones" and "prolactin" levels will be also analyzed in different periods of the addiction program. The histological changes at medial "septum" and "hippocampus" will be also measured. Finally, it will be observed how the intracerebral injection of a cholinergic antagonist or agonist modifies the alcohol effects.
    Effective start/end date1/01/911/01/93


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