Proteïna fosfatases: estructura, regulació i funció biològica en organismes eucariotes

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The aim of this project is to gain knowledge about the structure, variety and function of protein phosphatases using molecular biology-based experimental approaches and the budding yeast S.cerevisiae as a major model of study. This main goal will be achieved as follows. First, by using yeast glycogen metabolism as a testing system to devise the relative role of these enzymes. Second, through the study of the regulation and function of novel and unsuspected forms of phosphatases, recently cloned in our laboratory. Finally, we wish to study the variety and structure of phosphatases 2A in higher plants to increase our knowledge, rather scarce at present, about the functional relevance of phospho-dephosphorylation mechanisms in these organisms.
Effective start/end date31/05/9331/12/96


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