Propostes educatives per al joc net en l'esport

  • Prat Grau, Maria (Principal Investigator)
  • Soler Prat, Susanna (Scholar)
  • Estrada Aguilar, Joan (Investigator)
  • Ventura Vall-Llobera, Carles (Scholar)
  • Oró Casanovas, Carme (Collaborator)
  • Puig Lleixà, Berta (Collaborator)
  • Tirado Ramos, Miquel Angel (Collaborator)

Project Details


The project is developed for the Physical Education and Sport Investigation Group "Valors en Joc", in the UAB, in collaboration with teachers from primary and secundary schools. Our major goal is to analyse the attitudes and ongoing conflicts in the young sport practice and as sport spectators to develop didactic resources. These have to be a good tool to orientate the promotion and diffusion of the sport values by using the physical education or other kinds of sport formation.
Effective start/end date1/01/0331/12/03


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