Propiedades Electrónicas, magnéticas y superconductoras de materiales con alta correlación electrónica

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In the present project we intend to progress in the study of the strongly correlated electron sistems from both the experimental and theoretical points of view. We address our attention to sic differents points which, within this general issue, are connected. These points are:a)A general formulation of one body theory for this strongly correlated systems, including the electron-electron interaction by means of many body effects obtained from approcimated self-energies. This formulation requires the application to particular cases which should be tested with experimental results of resonant photoemission.B) Analysis of the spectrum of the Kondo lattices and the caracterization of the different phases of the system. An important point in this item will be the formulation of a theory for the superconducting phases which present antiferro and ferromagnetic ordering in the spin field. C) The antiferromagnetismo and the superconductivity are two phenomenologies which can be related in some high T c superconductors. In this part of the project, we pretend to analyse the keys of the possible interconexion form the theoretical and experimental analysis of the electronic structure. D) The hydrures of Ytrium and rare esrths are strongly correlated systems which are being object of large attention due to the special optical an electronic properties, as well as the variations of these porperties with the hydrogen composition.The goal of our study in this issue is the experimental caracterization of this property and the theoretical calculation of the electronic structure and its relation with their optical conductivity. E) The critical state in superconductors of finte shape is not solved in spite of several important recent advances. We plan to theoretically determine the magnetic properties of finite superconductors in the critical state, as well as apply our general methods to calculate the response in the perfect diamagnetic state.
Effective start/end date19/12/0019/12/03


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