Projecte d'ambientalització de la Facultat de Ciències de l'Educació de la UAB i de la UdG: Disseny d'intervencions i anàlisi del procés

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Given that they are the training grounds for future professionals, universities are a potential agent for stimulating change in favourof the sustainability of great revelance. Educating for sustainability is a goal that involves educational effort that is focussed, on the one hand, on changing interpretative models in relation with orientational questions and, on the other, on offering the experience of alternative models that permit analysis and progress. The Faculties of Educational Sciencies of the UAB and of the UdG have been working in this line since 1997 and 1998 respectively. The task requires a continuity of actions accompanied by an evaluation process that permits consolidation of a new way of working. To this end, the general goals proposed in this project are:1. Revisions of the degree of curricular orientation of the subject matter involved in the initial trainning of teaching staff with the aim of introducing changes. The idea is to carry out quantitative analysis along with qualitative analysis-by means of interviews with teaching staff-in order to verify the real orientational dimension of the subject matter offered in initial training. 2. Intervention in the practice of teachers in training in schools with the aim of introducing changes and being an agent of change. For this we propose the design and analysis of orientational curricular actions related to the area of experimental sciencies in infant, primary and secondary centres. 3. Elaboration by the UAB of a catalogue of criteria of orientational coherence that would stimulate reflection among Faculty members, be a vehicle for ideas and that would make possible individual, collective and structural qualitative evaluation. To this end will be designed, executed and evaluated the putting into practice of an interactive programme in CD-Rom format which would include all possible Faculty interactions
Effective start/end date28/12/0127/12/04

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