Progresos y limitaciones de la educación para todos: la política de la agenda educativa, la tendencia de las desigualdades educativas y la calidad de la democracia en América Latina. EDUTODOSAmLat

  • Rambla Marigot, Francesc Xavier (Principal Investigator)
  • Tarabini Castellani Clemente, Aina Antonia (Others)
  • Couceiro Lopez, Mariña (Scholar)
  • Frias Ortega, Carla Mirella (Scholar)
  • Valiente González, Oscar (Scholar)
  • Adelantado Gimeno, José (Investigator)
  • Bonal Sarro, Francesc Xavier (Investigator)
  • Ferrer Julia, Ferran (Investigator)
  • Verger Planells, Antoni (Investigator)
  • Mediavilla, Mauro Hernan (Others)
  • Gallego Duque, Liliana Maria (Scholar)
  • Dias Pereira, Benedito (Investigator)
  • Feldfeber, Myriam (Investigator)
  • Novelli, Mario (Investigator)
  • Oyarce Espinosa, Héctor Manuel (Investigator)
  • Perez González, Roser (Investigator)
  • Saforcada, Fernanda (Investigator)
  • Saldanha-Pereira, Rosangela (Investigator)
  • Serna Forcheri, Miguel Pablo (Investigator)
  • Zavala Zavala, Arturo Alejandro (Investigator)

Project Details


The project wants to contribute to the discussion of UNESCO Education for All Programme in Latin America, taking account of its achievements in the lower thresholds of schooling as well as its shortcomings observed in upper educational thresholds. It foresees to articulate three different initiatives: one of them aims to unveil the making of the educational agenda in the interaction between governments and international agencies, the second one will try to develop precise mesures of educational inequalities in the region, and finally, the third one will explore the possible effects on the quality of democracy. It gathers an international team of researchers so as to promote this area of research and start with a process of co-operation.
Effective start/end date1/01/0931/12/11


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