Programa de psicoeducació i de detecció precoç dels trastorns psicótics d'inici juvenil-Fase II

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Aims: To create a screening battery for the early detection of adolescents with a heightened risk for early Onset Psychotic Disorders (EOPD); a 3-year follow up of the risk group to observe its development and initiate, if necessary a preventive intervention; to develop a psycho educational program for teachers parents, and adolescents in order to raise the knowledge detection and early intervention for the EOPD; to train school psychologists so that they can carry out a Mental Health Workshop with the students. Hypotheses: this battery should allow us to select a group of adolescents with a high risk for EOPD, as shown by: 1) the risk group as compared with a control group will have a worse developmental course in social and occupational outcome measures, 2) will manifest more psychopathological conditions (either frank psychosis at school or to the teachers due to either EOPD symptoms or another kind of psychological problems (..)
Effective start/end date20/11/0319/11/06


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