Programa de consercació i manteniment de recursos genètics animals: caracterització i relacions filogenètiques de les races asnals espanyoles.

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The main objective of this proposal is establish the bases for the possible startign of the futures \i "Programs of Conservation and Maintenance of Animal Genetic Resources"\i0 in the Spanish donkey breeds: \i Andaluza, Asno de las Encartaciones, Catalana, Mallorquina and Zamorana-Leonesa\i0 breeds. The obtained results will allow to establish the more suitable recommendations so much for the \i "in situ"\i0 as \i "ex situ"\i0 genetic conservation of these populations. For it, and following the protocol suggested by the FAO Expert Consultation for breeds in danger of extinction, we propose for the present project, as concrete and realist objectives, the description and characterization of these breeds in their several levels: morphological, haematological, clinical-biochemical, genetic and demographic-genealogical levels. Additionally, it will be carried out a study of the genetic relationships between the Spanish donkey breeds.
Effective start/end date1/09/981/09/01


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