Progrés i models de dinàmica científica

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The object of this research is to study one of the main aspects of the pragmatics of science as historical process, i. e., the phenomena of theory change and theory dislodgement. With the study of these phenomena we can analyze the notion of scientific progress, a key concept for the understanding of: a) the nature of science as a sociocultural activity which extends on time, and b) the nature of scientific knowledge as a specific kind of human cognitive capacities. Any satisfactory notion of scientific progress has to take into account the formal components of the theories as well as their sociohistorical aspects. The hypothesis of this research, which has to be studied and tested, is that it is not possible, in neither of these two levels, to subsume the plurality of theory change phenomena in a single concept. The concepts of scientific change and theoretic progress are not single one
Effective start/end date16/06/9316/06/96

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  • Sense entitat (lead)


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