Producció i intercanvi d'artefactes en l'àmbit del sud-est peninsular durant la prehistòria recent

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This project aims to evaluate changes in technology, labour processes and organization of production in the Copper and Bronze Age societies in south-eastern Spain. In order to accomplish this research, it will be necessary to extend the present data through the use of analytical techniques which have seldom been used before in archaeological studies of our country: elemental and minerological caracterization analyses, traceology, technomorphometrics, soil micromorphology, palaeocarpology, malacologic palaeoecology. Inferences will be made at two order levels. In both coordinated subprojects we aim to stablish, on one hand, the relations between exploitation of raw materials, craft production and artifact functionality and, on the other, changes in the interdependence of agricultural systems, herding patterns and environmental conditions. The finality of the project is to connect working
Effective start/end date26/09/9126/09/94


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