Processos segmentals i estructura prosòdica i morfològica en català

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The goal of this project is to determine the impact of certain phonological processes on the prosodic and morphological structure of Catalan, both from an empirical and descriptive point of view, and from a theoretical point of view. Specificallu, we will study the effects of the distribution of stress on phonological constituency, the distribution of diphthongs and hiatus in high vowels, and vowel reduction. A second aspect to be studied are the effects of cliticization on vowel insertion and consonant deletion, including the deletion of rhotics; a special emphaisi will be made on dialectal variaton. A third aspect to be studied, through the analysis of verbal inflection, nominal inflection and external allomorphy, are the morphological effects on phonology in terms of paradigm uniformity and the emergence of the unmarked. Finally, we will study the consequences of the results obtained for phonological theory, within Optimality Theory (correspondence, constraint typology, and parallelism)
Effective start/end date10/12/039/12/06


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