Processament paral·lel: Arquitectura, programació i aplicacions

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    the goals thas this project tries to cover can be classified in three main issues: 1. Development of an advanced environment for the specification, design and evaluation of parallel applications. This environment will offer to the user a set of tools that serve to specify and design with a multi-level methodology a parallel application in an easier way than up-to-day environments. The environment includes also some tools thst will obtained the assignment of tasks onto processors automatically without user intervention. Moreover, an additional tool will be responsible for the automatic evaluation of the performance achieved by the user application. This tool will provide several suggestions to the user oriented to modify the design of his appliaction in order to improve its performance. 2. Development of new alternatives at the architectural level related with the overall design of a high.performance computer. First, the design of new multi-thread processors will be crried out, focusing on the efficient explotation of fine-grain parallelism and allowing data sharing an threas synchronisation. A second work will be oriented to the design of dynamic load distribution strategies that include some advanced concepts such as load "prefetching". The third work deals with the design of routing policies that avoid latency problmes in the interconnection network. The last work in this issue is based on the development of policies that allow a cluster of workstations or PCs to act as a low cost virtual parallel machine. 3. The third issue of this project is focused on the desing and development of specific applications. On one hand, these applications ilustrate the application of parallelism to other fields of knowledge (discrete event-driven parallel simulation, simulation of forest fire propagation and simulation and prediction of ozone pollution). On the other hand, these applications will serve to evaluate and properly readapt the tools of the environment
    Effective start/end date1/10/9830/09/01


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