Procés per a l'obtenció d'aldolasses recombinants i llur aplicació a la síntesi de sintons quirals

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    The main aim of the submitted research project is the production and use of non-commercial aldolases, which are cloned in E. coli, catalysing the synthesis of different diols with a defined stereochemistry. Two different dihydroxycetone phosphate (DHAP) dependent aldolases will be produced: fuculose-1-phosphate aldolase, enzyme producer of 3R, 4R diols by condensation of different aldehydes or ketones with DHAP, and rhamnulose-1 phosphate aldolase, which catalyses the formation of 3R, 4S diols. Fermentation and purification processes will be optimez in order to maximize the obtention of stable biocatalysts. The recombinant enzymes, as well the commercial RAMA aldolase will be used in the development of appropriate reaction medium for aldol condensation, employing poor water-soluble model aldehydes as substrates. The obtained methodology will be applied to the synthesisi of aminosugars and polyesters of pharmaceutical interest. The main benefir to be expectd is the availability of useful biocatalysts for the synthesisi of chiral intermediates, as well as the development of methodology for practical application of aldolases in C-C bond formaing reactions
    Effective start/end date30/12/9930/12/02

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