Procès per a l'obtenció d'aldolases recombinants i la seva aplicació a la síntesi de sintones quirals

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    The main aim of the submitted project is the production and use of non comercial aldolases, which are cloned in \i E.coli\i0 . These aldolases catalyze the synthesis of different diols with a defined stereochemistry. Three different DHAP. dependent aldolases will be produced with the final objective to develop a suitable and stable procedure for fermentation and separation. The aldolases will be employed for the enzymatic synthesis of polyeters of interest as antimicrobial agents. The main benefit expected is the availibility of useful biocatalysts for the sysnthesis of chiral intermediates, as well as the development of methodology for practical application of aldolases in C-C bond forming reactions. The project is coordinated between the Department of Chemical Engineering (UAB) and the Department of Peptides and Proteins Chemistry (CID, CSIC), with the cooperation of the Institute of Organic Chemistry (Madrid, CSIC) in the aspects related to genetic engineering, as well as of the Institute of Chemical Research (Sevilla, CSIC) in the application of the synthetized chiral syntons.
    Effective start/end date1/09/981/09/99


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