Problemàtica psicosocial de la innovació biotecnològica: les repercusions bioètiques

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    Family, maternity, paternity, reproduction, life, all of them are usual concepts that are changing because of the impact of biotechnology in society. This work will analyse the topics and worries that mass-media and public opinion relate with development of biotechnology, with a special focus on moral and ethic issues. The material will be analysed paying special attention to three important aspects: subject, argumentation and rhetoric of discourses, looking for their mutual relationships. With this research we hope a) to establish the main interpretative difficulties of biotechnological innovation, b) to state the conceptual aspects of population that are more affected by biotechnological activities c) to develop theoretical and methodological aspects in order to analyse ethic and moral people reasoning in discussing such topics
    Effective start/end date1/04/9131/03/92


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