Principios de extremo en modelos climáticos de baja dimensión

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The objective of this project is to analyse the temporal behavior of entropy production during the earth history to deduce a possible temporal trend. Also it intented to investigate if during its temporal evolution the climatic sustem chooses different extremal states. To carry out this analysis it is proposed to develop and to use low dimensional climatic models (0-Dim, 1-Dim). A vertical 1-Dim model will be developep and also a reformulation of the Watson and Lovelock Daisyworld. On the other part we pretend to develop some techincal procedures to be able to detect very faint climatic signals that come from small forcings in the climatic system. We also will try to apply such filter techniques to the quantification of the antropogenic contribution to the climatic variability using the models developed in the project an also a new 2-Dim energy balance model.
Effective start/end date28/12/0028/12/03


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