Prevenció primària de trastorns alimentaris mitjançant un programa psicològic multimèdia: versió grupal vs versió individual

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These project has a primordial goal to make and validate Eating Disorders Primary Prevention instruments. Power Point presentations instruments are conducted by the research team with the application of new technology to Psychology strategies that had been found more usefuls in Primary Prevention and in Eating Disorders. This instruments will be adapted to a Cd-rom format to be used in an individual way. Both interventions will be implemented in second ESO adolescents representative samples, in six towns: Cerdanyola, Granollers, Manresa, Mollet, Sant Cugat del Vallés and Terrassa. The programs goals are:1) Self-esteem improvement and diversity and change acceptance.2) Basic nutrition conceps learning.3) Criticism to Media pression to slendernes. The preventive program will be implemented in an experimental desing with test-posttest control groups plus placebo. The grupal Power Point presentation will be very short (three hours in two days). The individual one (Cd-Rom) will last all the time needed by each user. The benefits of this project will be to provide useful multimedia Primary Prevention instruments and pros and cons of its grupal and individual use.
Effective start/end date1/12/021/12/05


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