Prevenció de trastorns del comportament alimentari a l'escola: intervenció ecológica

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From the results analysis of the Eating Disorders Primary Prevention Program with multimedia format (...) developped during the last five years in the projects of the Ministerio del Trabajo y Asuntos Sociales, Instituto de la Mujer (...) and Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología (...) we propose a new more ecological program (Levine y Piran, 2001) that includes the last one, plus modifications and enlargements. Its efficacy will be studied, versus the former ones. The modifications will be: 1. A new activity to develop a critical point of view to the advertisements of the "media" in a more interactive format in the line of "activism" that has being encouraged in the recent Eating Disorders Prevention programs. 2. An active intervention with the students parents. 3. Introduction of improvements in the design: - Control of "spill over" effect. - An increased number of intervention sessions. - Spacing out the last intervention session from the assessment session. The prevention program will be implemented in an experimental design with pretest-postest control group. The benefits of this project will be to provide useful multimedia Primary Prevention instruments and teh contribution to the improvement of the preventive programs in this field, with the analysis of the pros and cons of the addition to the original program of the more ecological interventions as the critical activity in the intervention program for students, as well the parents participation. In more the assessment of the improvements in the design will provide inestimable information for the implementation of the Prevention Programs.
Effective start/end date13/12/0513/12/08


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