Preparació de nous derivats de noves lipasses de "Candida sp" per a l'obtenció de productes òpticament purs

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    The main goal of this project is an integrated developement of a Biochemical Engineering proyect with the aim to obtain different lipases from \i Candida rugosa\i0 , by fermentation, and derivates jointly with commercial lipases from \i Candida rugosa\i0 and \i Antarctica\i0 for their application in the optically pure compounds production. The project is focused on a multidisciplinary vision to integrate common aspects from enzyme production, biological and biochemical engineering knowledge of the fermentation, the separation and purification processes, the scale-up to pilot plant (75L), the kinetic and biochemistry characterization of the enzymes, chemistry/physic modification, stabilization and immobilization of the enzymes and their application in Fine Chemical reactions, concretly: alcohols, acids, amines and epoxides. There is a strong public pressute to avoid the use of racemic mixtures not only in therapeutical drugs but also in pesticides, so the project will provide improved techniques to obtain pure enantiomers of a variety of compounds using in pharmaceutical and fine chemistry industries. This relevance is reflected by the participation of URQUIMA, SA as EPO of the project.
    Effective start/end date1/08/9731/07/00

    Collaborative partners

    • (lead)
    • Complutense University of Madrid
    • Instituto de Catálisis y Petroleoquímica


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