Predicció de la capacitat d'ingestió durant la gestació i l'alletament en ovelles lleteres i la relació amb les variacions de volum del rumen

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    In Mediterranean conditions, modern feeding systems for ruminants come up with a poor prediction of intake, especially during final gestation and early lactation. In consequence, it is necessary important modifications before using them with our animal production systems. It may be due, somehow, because those systems were defined to be applied far away from Mediterranean conditions, but the main reason should be related with the insufficient understanding of feed intake regulation physiology. The proposed project aims to complete the results from the European Project no. 8001-CT091-0-113 (PL 900706) and to understand the effect of rument fill on feed intake. It attempt to mesure differences in feed intake owing to number of gestated lambs or milk production, level of concentrates supplementation or type and quality of forages. Using rumen cannulated cows and ewes it intends to evaluate t
    Effective start/end date25/05/9331/12/96


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