Posada a punt d'un processador òptic a temps real per al reconeixement d'imatges en color utilitzant moduladors espacials de llum

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The general aim of this project is the set-up of an optical processor for color images, working at real time. Spatial light modulators will be used to introduce the scene to be analyzed and the filter into the correlator. Then the needed speed will be reached. The different parts of the system will be studied to integrate them in the whole set-up addressed by computer. Firstly, the amplitude and phase transmittance of the modulators, to the entrance signal, will be characterized by interferometric techniques. Codification methods to generate the filters taking into account the low resolution of the modulators will be studied. Different types of filters to improve some features of the correlation procedures will be designed. Secondly, changes in the chromatic coordinates will be studied in order to show more clearly the differences between the color objects to be distinguished. A digital
Effective start/end date17/05/9331/12/96


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