Política pública i anàlisi econòmic

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The project analyses public sector economic problems, focusing on 5 basic issues: \i Fiscal incentives and housing policy\i0 . The proposed analysis of housing policy has the main objective of analyzing the paper played in this policy by fiscal measures, mainly included in teh personal income tax. (...) \i0 Economy and environmental policy\i . (...) First, it will analyze the inequalities in the contribution to climate change problem, both the territorial ones as well as the different relative responsabilities of the different productive sectors (...). Second, the project will analyse the different possibilities of application of environmental taxes in the different levels of administration, so guiding its design and application. Third, it will analyze the appropriate design of the price structure for water domestic consumption, according to equity and efficiency criteria. \i0 Empirical analysis of incentive policies for firm's innovation. \i In this part, we will contribute to wide the empirical evidence on the explicative factors of firms' innovation strategies, of their effects over time and on the influence of some public policies (...). \i0 Model of the evolution of expenses in contributory pensions in the Spanish social security system\i . The objective of this part of the project is to design and elaborate a simulator allowing us the study of the future evolution of the expenses in contributory pensions of the Spanish Social Security system, taking into account different demographic, economic and legal scenarios. (...) \i International fiscal coordination and taxes\i0 . The aim of this part of the project is to analyse the effects of various international indirect taxes harmonization policies and their interrelation with the fiscal destination and origin principle. (...)
Effective start/end date1/10/0631/12/09


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