Poesia Epigràfica Latina a "Hispania": edició i comentari

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The first aim of this project is to collect the results of our previous research line project (PB 93-0889, Latin Metrical Inscriptions within the frame of the forthcoming vol. XVIII of the CIL), correcting mistakes, making good use of the materials and increasing our research area. Having, as our principal scope, the new editions of the \ul Hispania\ul0 's latin epigraphic poetical production for the new CIL's vol.XVIII (till 711 A.D.), our new project wants to integrate in the former team, some new and contrasted specialists, who can help us with his commenting of the new inscriptions. The second scope is to increase our research area with the latin mediaeval inscriptions found in Spain till the XIIIth Century. Both projects are new. Moreover, as a project, our research line has been never sistematically applied nor for \ul Hispania\ul0 neither for any other country of the latin linguistical domain.
Effective start/end date1/10/971/10/00


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