Phylogeny paleobiology and paleobiogeography of lower Cretaceous rudist bivalves from the Maestrat region (East Spain)

  • Pons Muñoz, Jose Maria (Principal Investigator)

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The main objective of the project is a systematic-phylogenetic study of Lower Cretaceous rudist bivalves -families "Requieniidae, Monopleuridae, Caprotinidae, Caprinidae and Radiolitidae"- which are found throughout the Barremian to Aptian sediments of the Maestrat region (junction between Iberian and Catalonian Ranges, NE Spain). The necessary geological base is given through the works of Salas (1984-91). The planned investigations include studies of morphological variabilities, constructional morphologies and shell microstructures. Their interpretation considers aut- and synecological data and environmental changes through time. Comparisons with time equivalent rudists from other regions will concentrate on specimens from South France and the Caribbean. Use will also made of corresponding data from ostreoid bivalves (Malchus, 1990-93). In addition to conventional methods fluorescence m
Effective start/end date1/11/9330/10/95

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