Pattern recognition and neural network processing of in vivo and in vitro 1H NMR spectra of human brain tumors for diagnostic applications

  • Arus Caralto, Carles (Principal Investigator)
  • Barba Vert, Ignasi (Scholar)
  • Cabañas Egaña, Miquel (Scholar)
  • Martínez Pérez, Irene (Scholar)
  • Griffiths, J.R. (Investigator)

Project Details


1H NMR spectra collected at both centers from human tumors in vivo, biopsies ex vivo, and tumor metabolite extracts will be analyzed by classical chemometric techniques (principal component analysis, cluster analysis, neural network)by profiting from the data bank presently being established in a EEC Concerted Action. We hope to be able to classify and grade brain tumor pathology only from the NMR data
Effective start/end date1/01/9631/12/97


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