Patrons de diversitat nucleotídica en diferents regions funcionals de Drosophila i Cordats

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The central subject of this project is nucleotide diversity and has a twofold aim: (1) to create an open bioinformatic resources that allows, for example, the search of any set of polymorphic sequences or the description of the nucleotide diversity in a wide spectrum of genes and species of different biology; and (2) to answer whit the obtained polymorphic set two of the main questions that the studies of genetic variation are dealing with. The first question tries to estimate the fraction of fixed mutations among species that are deleterious, neutral or adaptative in a given gene and whether this proportion is depending on the functional category of the gene. (...) The second question to test is whether cis-regulatory elements (introns, UTRs, promoters, intergenic regions...) modulate the genetic variation of coding sequences. Different kinds of indirect evidence seem to suggest such effect. Divergence and polymorphic data will allow the testing of this hypothesis. This project is intensive in knowledge, when new resources for the scientific community will be created and a huge volume of statistical data analysis performed.
Effective start/end date1/10/0630/09/09


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