Patologia del cultiu de la seriola mediterrània (\i Seriola dumerili, Risso\i0 )

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The mediterranean yellowtail ("Seriola dumerili, Risso") is apromising specie in marine aquaculture since its feeding on species of low commercial value, its rapid growth and its high conversionrate make its culture economically valuable. However, with the intensification of its culture, disease problems are arising in the last few years causing great losses (even massive mortalities) in the 0+ age class which compromise the annual production. Since there is no report in the literature on the disease problems affecting the mediterranean yellow tail in sea-cages (with the exception of epitheliocystis disease described by our laboratory) our aim is to carry out periodical samplings from two mariculture facilities and to describe disease problems affecting the yellow tail culture. Histopathological and transmission and electron microscope studies will be performed at the Biology Unit, Facul
Effective start/end date2/08/912/08/93


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