PAST4FUTURE- Climate change- Learning from the past climate

  • Zahn Knoll Geb Zahn, Rainer (Principal Investigator)
  • Antúnez Carril, Natalia (Others)
  • Brossa Loidi, Vicens (Others)
  • Caballero Flores, Francisco (Others)
  • Cabezas Martín Caro, Antonio (Others)
  • Campreciós Crespo, Marta (Others)
  • Catalá Gil, Núria (Others)
  • Cortés García, Ulises (Others)
  • De la Cueva Ariza, Laura (Others)
  • Del Campo Carrasco, Zoraida (Others)
  • Díaz Gómez, Juan Manuel (Others)
  • Facundo Molas, Carmen (Others)
  • García Macet, Rafael (Others)
  • Martínez García, Joaquín (Others)
  • Montiel, José (Others)
  • Muñoz Hernández, Isabel (Others)
  • Nieves Sánchez, Juan Carlos (Others)
  • Oms Oller, Rosa (Others)
  • Sanromá Fernández, Marga (Others)
  • Tolchinski Landmann, Francisco (Others)
  • Vázquez Salceda, Javier (Others)
  • Willmott, Steven (Others)
  • López Álvarez, Pedro (Scholar)
  • Royo Romero, Sergio (Scholar)

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Effective start/end date1/01/1031/12/14


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