Partícules elementals en àmbits astrofísics i cosmològics

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The general goal of our project is to continue the study of some theoretical issues of the physics of elementary particle and their interactions, particularly when we have an astrophysical or cosmological medium. In these media one has some processes that are suppressed in laboratory conditions, or at least they occur differently. Thus, the results that we obtain in our research complements and enriches the information obtained in laboratory experiments. In fact, the flux is in both ways; data from laboratory experiments can illuminate the physics of some of the aspects of star and universe evolution. Our work is theoretical but phenomenological and thus it is intimately linked to experiments, both laboratory type (high energy accelerators as LEP and LHC at CERN, low energy detectors, etc.) and observational (ground based and satellite-borne telescopes, etc). It is a worldwide recognized that our field, sometimes called Astroparticles, is in progressive expansion. In the last two or three years neutrino oscillations have beeb detected from the analysis of atmospheric and solar neutrinos. This is very important for neutrino physics, to which we have been involved since many years and indeed it is an objective of the work of our proposal. Other recent discoveries with impact in our field refer to the anisotropies of the microwave background, and the determinations of distances to supernovas. The emerging scenario from the analysis of all these observations is very interesting, and one is faced to deep questions. With our research we would like to contribute to these developments.
Effective start/end date1/12/021/12/05


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