Paper dels contransmisors (ATP i NPY) en els mecanismes adrenergènics centrals i perifèrics que participen en la hipertensióexperimental en rates.

  • Vila Calsina, Elisabet (Principal Investigator)
  • Terradas More, David (Scholar)
  • Vivas Sabido, Nuria María (Scholar)
  • Badia Sancho, Albert (Investigator)
  • Clos Guillen, Maria Victoria (Investigator)
  • Goñalons Sintes, Eduardo (Investigator)
  • Tabernero Serentill, Antònia (Scholar)

Project Details


ATP and NPY can be released together with noradrenaline in most of the adrenergic synapsis, including blood vessels. These co-transmitters can modify not only postjunctional responses but also the prejunctional modulation of neurotransmitter release. It has also been reported in several models of experimental hipertension that central and peripheral adrenergic neurotransmission is modified. In addition, a different role of co-transmision has beensuggested for SHR when compared to WKY rats. Our purpose is to study: a) The ifluence of ATP and NPY either in a1-adrenoceptor (inositol phosphate accumulation) or a2-adrenoceptor (noradrenaline release modulation) mediated neurotransmision in the CNS from SHR and WKY rats, b) to study the role of both co-transmitters on functional, biochemical (inositol phosphate fromation) and electrophysiological (EJPs) a1-adrenoceptor mediated responses in se
Effective start/end date7/06/967/06/99


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