Organització territorial i institucions d'Estat durant la transició medieval en l'àrea de Catalunya

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In previous research, Latin documents from the IX-XII centuries alowed us to isolate several public institutions which remained alive from the Ancient times to Middle Ages. These institutions loose their functions only after the establishment of the condal regime in the Old Catalonia from the IX century onwards. We have also been able to identify almost 50 TERRITORIA, with their corresponding centers (CIVITAS, CASTRUM, VILLA), which were later integrated into 14 \i condados\i0 . Additionally, we identified 77 PALATIA and MONASTERIA, all of them previous to the carolingian condal system, which required further investigation. The main goal of the actual research project is to further prospect for archeological remains in the identified areas, which will provide new information and scientific knowledge on the center's characteristics. The participation of an Arabist in the research team will allow us to extend our research into the last period of the history of such institutions already in the Islamic period.
Effective start/end date1/12/971/12/00


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