Optimització de models predictius a curt i llarg termini de pol.len i espores a l'aire com a indicadors de contaminació biològica ambiental

  • Belmonte Soler, Jordina (Principal Investigator)
  • Vendrell Manent, Merce (Investigator)
  • Canela Campos, Miguel Angel (Investigator)
  • Galán Soldevilla, Carmen (Investigator)

Project Details


This work intends the development of a collaboration between Groups of the Spanish Aerobiology Network for the forecast algorithms optimization of the date of beginning of the pollinic season, date of maximum concentrations of duration of the station of a certain number of pollinic types of interest, from the medical point of view or agronomic, that could be useful in the different climatic zones of the Iberian Peninsula. In a first phase, will be accomplished the studies in several very heterogeneous zones the some of the others, with the purpose of proving that pollinic types are subject to a general model and wich to one particular or more affected for the climatic and topographic conditions of each zone. The development in the elaboration of these can be of great usefulness (thus us it have made to know by some continental and national pharmaceutical companies) that they can take advantage of this information for the development of their products, set to the sale, marketing and propaganda. On the other hand, it exists a strong interest on the part of the IAA (International Association of Aerobiology) in this project that it can serve as a point of a reference for the accomplishment future at an international scale.
Effective start/end date1/08/971/08/00


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