Optimització de la nutrició proteica de vedelles en enceb intensiu alimentades amb racions de baix contingut en proteïna

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This project pretends to study the optimisation of the protein nutrition ¡n rapidly growing heifers fed high-concentrate diets with low-protein concentration, in order to minimise nitrogen excretion and restrict environmental contamination without affecting animal performance. The specific objectives of this project are: i) to study with the in situ method the ruminal nitrogen disappearance of protein supplements commonly used in the feeding systems based on ad libitum administration of concentrate and cereal straw, ii) to know the importance of energy-protein synchronisation in heifers fed high-concentrate diets with low protein concentration, and to better estimate the microbial to dietary ratio in the duodenal protein flow, and iii) to better understand the average ruminal pH in these heifers from weaning to slaughtering, and the diurnal variations in ruminal pH, relating these variations with the intake and chewing patterns, and the addition or not of sodium bicarbonate.
Effective start/end date28/12/0028/12/03


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