Obtenció de patrons metabòlics tissulars mitjançant espectroscòpia bidimensional de ressonància magnètica nuclear (RMN-2D)

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Two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance (2D-NMR) spectroscopy has been succesfully applied to the elucidation of protein structure insolution. It is then a logical extension to apply it to other biological systems like biological fluids and intact tissues. It is our intention to further develop the application of this methodology to living systems to obtain qualitative (type of metabolite present, bound-unbound state) and quantitative (concentration) information from them to pattern in summary living tissue by 2D-NMR. We will use three model systems: skeletal muscle, neural tissue, plasma and biopsies from breast cancer patients. Our emphasis will be placed in methodological aspects at first: pulse sequence for optimal signal to noise ratio, the modification for its use with surface coils, and at low field strength 1.5-2.0T. We foresee that this tissue patterning by 2D-NMR will provid
Effective start/end date2/08/902/08/93


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