Nuevas metodologias analiticas para deamandas industriales de calidad y control de procesos

  • Blanco Romia, Marcel (Principal Investigator)
  • Bertran Gimferrer, Enriqueta (Researcher on contract)
  • Villarroya Antillac, Ignacio (Researcher on contract)
  • Iturriaga Martinez, Hortensia (Investigator)

Project Details


Getting high quality products which could compete in a global market requires to change and amodernize the analytical process control techniques. Instrumental techniques able of making fast acquisition of analytical information, which should be correctly treated to get the relevant information that vill be used to take decisions, are needed. The goal of the present project is the development of new fast methods able of being implemented on-line in an industrial proceasss to control directly the parameataers of interest, such as concentration and/or physical properties.a Problems with an different degree of complexity and quality demand in the results for different kinds of industries, such as pharmaceutical petrochemical, alimentary and chemical, will be studied. The selected techniques to developed will be the most suitable for each particular case, but preferably infrared, both mid and near, and ultraviolet spectroscopies. The application of capillary electrophoresis and circular dichroism for resolving enantiomers as an effective and faster alternative to HPLC, will be studied.
Effective start/end date19/12/0019/12/03


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