Noves metodologies en RMN.IV. Sequències mono- i bidimensionals de transferència de polarització homo- i hetero- nuclear.

  • Sánchez Ferrando, Francesc (Principal Investigator)
  • Carrière, Anne (Scholar)
  • Moragas de Torres, María de (Scholar)
  • Gavin Sazatornil, José Adrián (Univ. de La Lagun (Investigator)
  • Parella Coll, Teodor (Investigator)
  • Virgili Moya, Albert (Investigator)

Project Details


We propose the design, implementation and application of new pulse sequences combining the use of selective pulses (including DANT-z and E-BURP) with coherent polarization transfer (under Hartman-Hahn conditions) for both homonuclear (i.e, 1H-13C)Systems. Selectiono coherence transfer pathways will be effected using either phase cycles or longitudinal pulse field gradients, with detection at either proton or carbon. One specific final target will be a method for the determination of selective, long range heteronuclear NOEs using inverse (i.e, proton) detection and isotropic (ROESY-type) mixing. Such a method would be the modern counterpart of our own old HETNOE method for heteronuclear systems, much in the same way that our GOESY method (published in 1995) is the modern counterpart of the traditional NOEDIFF method for homonuclear systems.
Effective start/end date1/11/961/11/99


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