i societat catalana (1924-1939)

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Study of the Catalan novel between 1924-1939 from a double viewpoint: a) study of the trends and forms in novel writing at a time when the concept of novel and the formal models of this genre undergo transformation, and b) study of the cultural, social and ideological function of the genre and its influence on various stratain society, and, consequently, analysis of the genre as a tool for the structuring of society, or of its social groups, during a period of significant political and social tension. Thus, we will study the novel market, the theoretical and critical work on the genre, the reception of the various foreign theories, authors and works, the creative trends in the Catalan novel between 1925-1939 and its variation during the Civil War period. We aim at establishing the historical and ideological frame of the Catalan novel production, its relation to the different ideologies a
Effective start/end date15/06/9215/07/95


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