Novel·la catalana contemporània. Història i crítica

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Study of the presence an function of the novel in the contemporany Catalonia, as a key genre, in the society arisen from the industrial revolution, for the shaping of the mentalities and ways of life and of the cultural uses in their different manifestations. The aim is to analyse the genre from a double perspective: 1) as a literary genre: evolution, tendencies and creative forms between 1862 and 1975; and 2) as a social institution, agent and ideological exponent that impinges on the various social strata. From the literary angle, the objectives are the following: analysis of the theory, of the tendencies, authors and works. From a historical and sociological point of view. the objectives are the following: analysis of the novel's ideological framework, as well as its level of social penetration. In summary, what is studied is the market or the novel and the editorial world, together with their influence on the professionalization of the author, key element in the modernization of cultural life.
Effective start/end date30/12/9930/12/02


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