Nous processos de transferència monoelectrònica en sistemes aromàtics i heteroaromàtics. Aproximacions clàssiques i supramoleculars

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The general object of this project is the study of some single electron transfer processes on aromatic and heteroaromatic compounds with the aim of learning to control them and in that way achieving new mild, selective and ecologically compatible synthetic methods. The different points to be studied will be: a) selective and asymmetric reduction processes through supramolecular photochemistry in the solid state. Our preliminar studies ("Tetrahedron Lett." 1992, 33, 7053) indicate that the nitroaromatic compounds photoreductive processes can be made selective by cyclodextrin complexation of the reagents and irradiation of the complexes in the solid state; b) photocleavage of pi-defficient aromatic systems. The TCCI approach. Our preliminar studies show that the "normal" reactivity of charged intermediates as radical anions can be dramatically altered by using topologically controlled coul
Effective start/end date8/07/948/07/97


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