Nous criteris taxonòmics per la classificació de soques del gènere \i Microsporum\i0

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    The taxonomical criteria followed at the moment to identify mycelial fungi and specially the dermatophytes, are mainly based on their macroscopic and microscopic features. The pleomorphism observed in some genera, determine a review of the current morphologic criteria in order to perform a suitable classification and a more definitive and objective delimitation of the genera and species. The principal objective of this investigation project is to perform a revision of morphological, biochemical and physiological criteria of two species in the genus \i Microsporum: M. canis and M. gypseum\i0 . This study may be considered as a work pattern that can be applicable to the remaining pathogenic species in order to establish a new taxonomy that combines traditional criteria (morphology) with other features of the fungi
    Effective start/end date1/04/8931/03/90


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