Nous catalitzadors d'hidroformilació: estudi de la seva selectivitat i recuperació

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This project sets out to develop the possibilities of the hydroformilation reaction of olefines. For this, a series of new Rh and Pt complexes will be prepared with thionate bonds, some of which have proven to be active, in benign conditions, in tests carried out in our laboratories. The thionate bonds will be modified with two objectives in view: to improve selectivity (/chemi, regi, enanti/) and recover the catalyst (anchorage on a solid support and phase transfer). The new complexes will be structurally characterised and their reactivity and catalytical activity will be studied. The active catalysts will be tested on different organic substrata, the hydroformilation of which is of interest as a model of selectivity or for the added value of the products obtained. Work will be carried out in benign conditions of P and T, and the parameters affecting the reaction will be varied (CO/H"su
Effective start/end date22/09/8922/09/92


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