Networking the Educational World: Across Boundaries for Community-building

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The overarching aim of NEW ABC is to take a transformative approach by making a commitment to sustainable, strategic
change by combining stakeholder voices, co-created and participatory practices, and the creation of synergies among
stakeholders that do not normally interact. Despite the EU’s and national governments’ past and current efforts to devise a
successful strategy for the integration of refugees and migrants in their new countries, research suggests that children with a
recent past of migration continue to face barriers in the education system that current top-down policies fail to overcome.
New ABC will take a transformative approach by ensuring:
• the development of horizontal and vertical synergies of stakeholders,
• an evidence-based, bottom-up approach in creating and piloting the nine innovation practices,
• the empowerment and development of agency of vulnerable groups and other hard-to-reach stakeholders,
• the continuous engagement of all voices throughout the project and after its completion,
• the fall-out effect of such empowerment and agency on other aspects of their lives,
• the uptake of the results and solutions offered by the pilot actions by policy- and decision-makers.
The NEW ABC project contributes to educational, cultural and social inclusion by taking a collaborative and participatory
approach in the co-creation of nine innovation pilot actions aimed at enhancing the integration of immigrant children and
young people in education through collaborative partnerships that foreground young person-led innovation activities. The
pilot actions will be co-created with the specific aim of ensuring their adaptability, scalability, long-term sustainability and
take-up of the results by the identified users.
The project will be implemented in 9 EU countries with 14 partners.
AcronymNEW ABC
Effective start/end date1/01/2131/08/24


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