Network of Excellence for building up Knowledge for improved Systems Integration for Flexible Organic and Large Area Electronics (FOLAE) and its exploitation (FlexNet)

  • Carrabina Bordoll, Jordi (Principal Investigator)
  • Ramon Garcia, Eloi (Investigator)
  • Serrano Masip, Francisco Javier (Investigator)
  • Pallarès Marzal, Josep (Principal Investigator)
  • Marrades Rodríguez, Addaia (Others)
  • Beatriz García García (Investigator)
  • Margarita Lozano Melgar (Investigator)
  • Alicia Marín Chico (Investigator)
  • Miriam Navarro Rupérez (Investigator)
  • Portell Martorell, Núria (Investigator)
  • Recasens Fontanet, Helena (Investigator)
  • Rosa Castelló Chacón (Investigator)
  • Vivancos Porras, Jéssica (Investigator)


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Material Science