Multiplayers’ Partnerships to Ensure Meaningful Engagement with Science and Research

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Solutions to societal challenges, such as fighting climate change, require a public that understands science and how it works. The EU-funded MULTIPLIERS project views schools as innovative and open collectors of new ideas, practices and scientific approaches. As such, it will establish Open Science Communities – partnerships between schools, families, civil society organisations, informal education providers, policymakers, the media and a vast range of science institutions in six EU Member States. These communities will develop science projects with real-life challenges as starting points to be implemented in schools. The projects will involve more than 1 500 students who will interact with a broad spectrum of science experts.
Effective start/end date1/11/2130/11/24

Collaborative partners

  • Universität Bonn (Rheinische Freidrich-Wilhelms-Universität) (Coordinator) (lead)
  • University of Cyprus (Project partner)
  • Univerza V Ljubljani (University of Ljubljana) (Project partner)
  • Umeå University (Project partner)
  • European Forest Institute (Project partner)
  • Iren Spa (Project partner)
  • EU CORE (EUropean COoperation in Research and Education) Consulting (Project partner)


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