Multiculturalitat i matemàtiques: el professor com a mitjancer en la construcció d'identitats i significats socials, culturals i matemàtics

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SUMMARY: The project aims to develop a research on Mathematics Education, focussed on the teacher, and situated in multicultural contexts. It focusses on the study of the the teacher's management of the complexity of the processes of teaching and learning mathematics in multicultural contexts, in search of elements to understand the obstacles to equity in the students' participation. Our theoretical background is based on interrelated constructs coming from a multiple perspective:- Contexts of mathematical practice, sociomathematical norms, cultural distance and cultural conflict - Status, valorization and social distance within the mathematics class - Communication, language and construction of mathematical meaning - Construction of individual and social identities and participation in the community of mathematical earning. - Teachers' professional development: action, reflexion, autonomy and communication- Sociological, pedagogical and psychological components of teachers' professional knowledgeBeing the aims of the project:- to understand the complexity of the mathematics classroom from the perspective of participation- to come to know which are, from the teacher's point of view, the obstacles to an equitable management of participationAims that shape the goals of the project, namely:1. To continue on the analysis of the complexity of the multicultural mathematics classroom 2. To analyse the role of the teacher as a mediator in the construction of social, cultural and mathematical identities and meanings3. To analyse the teachers' perception of obstacles to an equitable participation in multicultural mathematics classroom 4. Identify 'critical instances' that can be used to change teachers' disposition towards diversity and theoretical models to be used to contibute to their knowledge construction Hoping that achieving the stated goals will contribute with relevant and valid scientific knowledge (...)
Effective start/end date13/12/0412/12/07


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